Expected benefits of the project

Aside from the extension of the already existing collaboration between the applicants in frames of diploma and PhD. thesis supervision, one of the main expected benefits of the center is the establishment of a close collaboration between various teams working in mathematical analysis, that is, purely theoretic problems, and applied mathematicians represented mostly by experts on development of numerical algorithms and subsequent calculations which will result in joint publications

As an example of the expected outcome let us describe the following situation. The suggested scientific team is specialized in the field of fluid and gas flux, and its members belong to the world top for example in the field of mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of the so-called complete Navier-Stokes-Fourier system of differential equations describing temperature-dependent flux of compressible one-component gases. It is needless to say that in spite of obtained results the area still contains a countless amount of fundamental open problems. Here is the list of the main ideas of the project:

The above-mentioned examples illustrate necessity and at the same time also the substantial efficiency of collaboration of experts in the field of kinetic equations, hyperbolic systems and basic equations of the continuum mechanics such as the Navier-Stokes system. One of the expected benefits of the suggested project is the creation of appropriate conditions for such collaboration.

The same goes for other fields considered in frames of the center.