Special Lectures and Short Courses

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Old Special Lectures and Short Courses

Digitalni zpracovani obrazu

Predstaveni Charles University in Prague Chapter of SIAM

Approximation and numerical realization of Stokes equations with slip boundary conditions

Generalised trigonometric functions and the p-Laplacian

Stochastic evolution equations

Bridging Scales - Challenges to Mathematics and Computational Sciences

An introduction to Orlicz spaces

Mathematical problems of the Q-tensor theory of liquid crystals

Weakly nonlinear analysis of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman parabolic equation arising from optimal portfolio management

Finite-Volume Method in Image Processing

Mathematical models and numerical methods in image processing with applications in developmental biology

Finite element methods for convection-diffusion problems II: Layer-adapted meshes

Analytical and numerical methods of financial-derivative pricing

Main mathematical tools for the study of turbulent models

Two lectures of Pierre-Louis Lions

Some problems in the modeling of crack initiation and propagation at micro and meso-scale in composite materials and their adhesive joints

Tangent distributions and Sobolev surfaces

Necas seminar on continuum mechanics dedicated to Jan Kratochvil s 75th birthday

Mathematical methods in hydrodynamics

Orlicz-Sobolev spaces and applications to strongly nonlinear PDEs

Asymptotic behavior of dissipative evolution equations

Numerical realization of motion of curves and sharp phase interfaces in plane

Singular limits in the thermodynamics of viscous fluids

On the existence and regularity of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes-Fourier systems under Dirichlet boundary conditions

Introduction to 3-D finite element computation

Special Seminar to Honor the Centennary of Professor Sergey L vovich Sobolev

Ergodic Theory for Stochastic PDEs

Memorial Seminar Jindrich Necas and Contact problems

Simple results for 3D NSE in periodic case

Recent results on stabilized finite element methods for advection-diffusion and flow problems

Large time behavior for diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi equations

Regularity properties of solutions to elastic-plastic problems

Numerical analysis of some boundary flux computations

On the double critical-state model for type-II superconductivity in 3D

Analysis of Rate-Independent Material Models

Multi-scale simulations of surface dynamics and solidification based on the phase-field approach

Liquid-Vapour Flows: Models and Numerical Methods

On convexity phenomenon for curvature flows of plane curves

Level set approach to mean curvature

Boundary Integral Equations and Pseudodifferential Operators

Maximal regularity for parabolic systems in weak settings

Thermodynamics of Materials Undergoing Dissipative Processes

On some higher order finite volume approximations on lower order schemes

Numerical Simulation of the Coagulation Dynamics of Blood

Thrombosis & Hemostasis: Biology & kinetic considerations, Influence of shear on primary hemostasis

Fredholm and related properties of partial differential operators on unbounded domains

Selected problems of computational materials modelling

Numerics and simulations for hyperbolic and convection dominated problems in multi dimensions

Penalty methods in optimal control

From the Theory of Very Weak Solutions to Regularity of Weak Solutions of the Instationary Navier-Stokes System

Fluid dynamics problems on domains with rapidly oscillating boundaries: Is it always optimal when Young measures reduce to Dirac masses?

Derivation of the Reissner-Mindlin plate theory from Gamma convergence

Convergence of Adaptive Finite Element Methods for the p-Laplace

The capillarity problem for compressible fluids

A new mathematical foundation for contact interactions in continuum physics

Mathematical Model of Dislocation Dynamics

Model of coal combustion in a furnace

Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) Method for Laser Plasma Simulations

Numerical scheme for the Willmore flow

The Navier Stokes equations with Lagrangian differences

Weak formulation of boundary value problems in magnetohydrodynamics coupled to heat transfer

Numerical simulation of Czochralski crystal growth

Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws: Wellposedness and Qualitative Behavior of the Solutions

Mathematical issues related to phase-boundary problems


Γ-convergence and domain dependence of solutions of PDE s

Mathematical issues related to phase-boundary problems

Qualitative theory of semilinear parabolic equations and systems

Caffareli, Kohn, Nirenberg - a direct proof

Steady flows of compressible gases

Introduction to an area-preserving crystalline curvature flow equation

Introduction to Parallel Computing (to solve equations)

Povrchove a transportni jevy v dynamice tekutin