Workshops and Conferences

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Old Workshops and Conferences

Optimization with PDE constraints

Workshop on Multicomponent and Multiphase Materials (modeling and analysis)

OMG - Tagung - CSASC 2011

Workshop on Scientific Computing 2011

Workshop on Scientific Computing 2011

Mathematical theory in fluid mechanics

Workshop on the occasion of 5th anniversary of the foundation of Jindrich Necas Center for Mathematical Modeling

Presentation of Bioengineering Laboratory, Institute of Physical Biology, University of South Bohemia, Nove Hrady

Workshop Darmstadt-Prague

Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2010

Joint French-Czech Workshop on Krylov Methods for Inverse Problems

Workshop on Scientific Computing

Workshop Heidelberg-Prague 2010

Workshop Darmstadt-Prague

Nonlinear PDEs

Mini workshop on advanced numerical methods for parallel computers

Workshop of Mathematical Modelling Group

Eleventh School Mathematical Theory in Fluid Mechanics

Mathematical aspects of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

International Winter School: Thermodynamics and Mathematical Analysis of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Workshop on Mathematical Analysis of Fluid Models

spaces between us

Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2008

EVEQ 2008 International Summer School on Evolution Equations

Boundary Control and Optimization

Mini workshop on advanced mathematical and computational methods (AMCM)

International workshop on fluid-structure interaction problems

Analysis of Multiphase Problems

Workshop on Analysis of Evolutionary PDEs in Fluids

Numerical methods for multi-material fluid flows

Workshop Prague-Heidelberg

Colloquium Praha-Bratislava

Workshop on Geomaterials

Czech Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2006