Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling is a research platform whose ambition is to coordinate and support research and education activities of several Czech Republic based research teams working in the theoretical and applied mathematics mostly in the field of continuum mechanics. (See our research profile for details.) The Center is expected to be a partner for similar institutions at home and abroad.




The Center can be seen as a continuation of the research project of the same name that has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic in 2006–2011. The project has shown that a research team composed of researchers from different fields such as theoretical analysis of partial differential equations, mathematical modelling in continuum mechanics, numerical analysis and researchers based at different research institutions can significantly benefit from a strong and intensive mutual interaction. After the end of the original project, the participating researchers decided to continue in their previous activities and decided to establish a platform pursuing the research philosophy of the original Center, that is the research philosophy based on a close interaction of researchers from diverse fields.

Thanks to the support of the renowned Czech scientific institutions, namely Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University and Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences the call for having a platform providing an institutional framework for joint research activities ended by the establishment of Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling.

The Center is named after a world renowned Czech mathematician Jindřich Nečas (1929--2002), who made seminal contributions to the theory of partial differential equations and to the mathematical theory in continuum mechanics.