Members of the Center are principal investigators and team members in various research projects. See below for a list of projects that have been solved since 2013.

European research Council

European Research Council

  • 2013--2018, ERC-AdG, MATHEF - Mathematical Thermodynamics of Fluids, principal investigator Eduard Feireisl


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic


Czech Science Foundation

The member have successfully applied for many Czech Science Foundation grants. It is worth to note that the grants come from various panels (101 - Mechanical Engineering, 107 - Materials and Metallurgy, 108 - Materials Science and Engineering, 201 - Mathematics, 202 - Computer Science).


  • 2013--2014, Nadační fond Karla Janečka, Kvalitativní analýza nestlačitelných Navierových-Stokesových-Fourierových rovnic, principal investigator Miroslav Bulíček
  • 2012--2018, Charles University in Prague, Univerzitní centrum matematického modelování, aplikované analýzy a výpočtové matematiky, principal investigator Josef Málek
  • 2013--2014, EC Marie Curie Fellowship, StochDetBioModel - Stochastic and deterministic modelling of biological and biochemical phenomena with applications to circadian rhythms and pattern formation, Tomáš Vejchodský
  • 2012--2013, SCIEX 11.152, TraFlu Transport phenomena in continuum fluid dynamics,
    principal investigator Ondřej Kreml