Concerning educational activities our flagships are study programs Mathematical Modeling in Physics and Technology, Numerical and Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis that are taught at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, and that offer studies at all levels (Bc, MSc and PhD).

The graduate and postgraduate students of these programs are educated in close cooperation with the other institutions participating in the Center and other top scientific institutions all over the world, and the talented students are from the very beginning of their studies involved in the research projects carried out in the Center. A framework for such research participation is mainly provided by the Charles University Center for Mathematical Modeling, Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics (MathMAC) whose aim is to educate and support students and young postdoc researchers.


Josef Málek and Zdeněk Strakoš are Faculty Advisors of the Charles University in Prague Chapter of SIAM. The purpose of the Chapter which is a kind of student branch of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is to "generate interest in applied mathematics and computational science by providing students opportunities to share ideas and enthusiasm with fellow students and faculty from any relevant department on campus, explore career opportunities, make contacts that will last a lifetime and develop leadership skills".