Application to GSSI post doctoral research grants

Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), located in L'Aquila, Italy, offers 5 positions for research activity in the fields of interest of the Institute  There is no age limit for applicants; however eligible candidates in Mathematics  must have earned their PhD not earlier than January 1, 2012.

Candidates who are preparing their doctoral thesis are eligible to apply; however, they must have obtained their Ph.D degree before taking up their appointment with GSSI.

The annual gross salary is € 36.000,00. Each post doctoral research grant is intended for a duration of two years.


  • Stochastic Differential Equations
  • Particles systems and macroscopic limits, statistical mechanics and phase transitions
  • Mathematical theory in classical and nonclassical fluids
  • Nonlinear dispersive PDEs
  • Dynamics and Control on Networks
  • Mathematical models of collective behaviour, in biology and social sciences
  • Mathematical Models in continuum mechanics of solids, fluids and biological matter
  • Numerical methods for nonlinear PDEs


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May 15th 2017